Pediatric Urology Clinic  In Decatur, Georgia

Like adults, kids also tend to suffer from a myriad of urological conditions. Ideally, they have different problems in terms of their urinary systems when compared to the adults. Usually, they come innate or congenital rather than circumstances as a result of injury. If you care for your child’s health and well being, you will not have second thoughts bringing him or her to a credible pediatric urology clinic. Since your child’s urological health is significant, it needs utmost care. From the slightest symptoms of the problem, medical attention should be sought at once.Do you want to learn more? Visit Urology Clinic in Decatur, Georgia

When we say pediatric urology, it points to the caring of both children and adolescents who are faced with problems in their urinary or reproductive organs. Those who specialize in clinical pediatric urology are doctors who have the special abilities to communicate as well as connect with children of all ages. Pediatric urology clinics usually appear bright, cheerful, welcoming, amiable, and child-friendly. The environment is often designed and arranged to entice a child to stay inside instead of scare him or her away. The waiting rooms usually have toys, books, TV, movies, and songs playing in the background.

A Challenge to a Pediatric Urologist

A clinical pediatric urology specialist is faced with one challenge. That is, the difficulty in a child’s way of communicating. Unlike adolescents and adults, children are unable to precisely describe the symptoms. Oftentimes, parents are needed to supplement the interpretation. After which, a physical and diagnostic analysis follows. Depending on the child’s condition, the urologist will administer either clinical or operative treatment procedures.

A Tip for Parents

For parents, it is a must that they find not only a good and reliable urologist but someone who is known to work really well with a child. Children often find it awkward to talk with a stranger, most particularly with a doctor. They usually have the connotation that doctors may harm them. Therefore, it is very important for parents to wisely choose the specialist to bring their children to.

Common Problems Treated by Pediatric Urologists

Among the urology problems which are uniquely attributed to boys include undescended testicles, hypospadias, and some other structural problems involving the penis.

Hypospadias is one congenital condition wherein the urethra’s opening is situated in the wrong place in the penis. Meanwhile, undescended testicles occur when the testicles themselves are unexposed in the outer portion of the body which is commonly expected.

The goal of seeking treatment is to provide the child with a functionally normal penis. Surgery is often administered to an outpatient which helps lessen the child’s trauma.

Problems Treated in Clinical Setting

Some problems don’t necessitate surgery. Among them are urinary tract infections, wetting the bed, and problems with getting “dry” all through the day. The treatment of course depends on the severity of the condition.

Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

Considered a minimally invasive operative procedure, laparoscopic surgery is administered for nephrectomy or the removal of one or both kidneys and pyeloplasty or the reconstruction of the renal pelvis to be able to correct some blockage.

Overall, it is important to discuss every option available for the child. Hence, proceed only to a reputed pediatric urology clinic.