Home Remedies For All Your Oral Health Care

Oral care is crucial to maintaining your teeth and taste. What you eat and how you floss, brush and wash your mouth daily determines the health of your teeth. There are several foods that you can eat to beat oral health issues like bad breath, tooth decay, mouth ulcer and yellow teeth to name a few. Here are some home remedies for maintaining oral heath:

Sesame oil:
To get whiter teeth, sesame oil works as a magic. It will not only whiten your teeth but also cleanses and detoxified your body. It is a simple and inexpensive technique that involves the rinsing of mouth with oil.Learn more about this at dental first aid care.

You might already know the health benefits of banana and the banana peels can help your teeth sparkle as well. You just need to rub the white part of the banana peel on your teeth and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing out.

You can use powdered and dried leaves of Holi Basil or mix it with orange peel powder or mustard oil to brush your teeth. it helps to prevent bleeding of gums.

Charcoal of Babul wood mixed with roasted alum or rock salt can be used as toothpowder. The twigs of Babul tree are useful to arrest gum bleeding and also help in strengthening loose teeth.

Roots of banyan tree
Chewing the roots of banyan tree can make your teeth pearly white.

Gargling with Vinegar removes the stain from the teeth and kills the gum disease causing bacteria. Do not use an excessive amount of Vinegar anyways.

Vitamin C rich foods
Vitamin C rich items like orange, tomatoes, strawberries etc help in cleaning the mouth. But they must not be a part of the daily regime.

Home remedies for bad breath
Bad breath is embarrassing but plenty of home based solutions are available to help you:

Swish and swirl some water in your mouth and drink it up. The hydrating mouth will decrease the saliva and remove the bad odor.

Vitamin C rich food items
Kiwis, Lemons, Sweet Lime, Oranges etc are all citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin and help to fight bacteria while keeping breath fresh.

Salivary secretion stimulates with apple chewing and bathes the mouth. This rinses our any odor generating bacteria making your breath fresh.

Cinnamon tea
It is helpful in keeping the mouth and breath fresh. Read about some other health benefits of cinnamon.

A long known product that helps to freshen the breath and make you feel cool and strong. Consume mint for a fresh mouth.

They are great elements for oral health and have been used constantly to alleviate a toothache. They also help to beat bad breath.

Fennel seeds
Fennel seeds or sound is often used as mouth freshener in India due to its ability to prevent bad breath. It also helps to secrete saliva in mouth making digestion easier and fast.