Having Fun on the Job – Guide

“All work and no play makes for a very dull day” is an understatement. Sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day long doesn’t make for a very exciting, or enjoyable, work experience. You feel unmotivated, uninspired, and quite frankly, bored. Sometimes spicing things up in the office is exactly what you and your employees need to feel that spark of energy and excitement that makes going to work enjoyable. Remember as a child how excited you would be when you had a field trip or special event planned at school? Rather than dreading coming to school, you looked forward to it. This is the same idea with fun at work. So how exactly can you make the workplace “fun”, and are it really worth it?If you’re looking for more tips, read more here has it for you.


Before you discredit that having “fun” in the workplace is necessary, listen to this. Big companies like Google have workplaces that are more like playgrounds than offices. Google’s unconventional and unusual offices aren’t just meant for fun, but rather to promote free flowing thinking and to offer a creative outlet for employees. And if you think that these employees play all day and get no work done, then you’re sadly mistaken. Google features, such as Google News, have been created, all in part of these free thinking areas. According to a special article on Monster.com, “Data from the organization’s 1 million-person research database reveals that “Great” companies consistently earn significantly higher marks for ‘fun.'”

While you may not wish to put a giant slide or game rooms in your office, there are other ways to ensure that your office is a fun, enjoyable place to be. Say one of your co-workers or employees owns a karaoke machine. Why not have them bring it in every Wednesday for “X Factor Day”? Allowing employees to have some fun in the workplace allows them to be continually stimulated. Rather than dreading coming to work, having fun activities planned will make your employees excited. Who doesn’t look forward to “Free Cupcake Monday”. (Sorry for all you dieters). Have co-workers who enjoy listening to Lady Gaga? Blast “Poker Face” and let the magic begin. Motivated, happy employees are the best employees. This website offers other excellent ways to “inject fun into the workplace”.

These sort of “unconventional” workplaces also allow employees to get to better know one another, create new relationships, and increases friendliness in the office. Creating a fun environment in the office can make employees feel more comfortable interacting with one another, and will then create a better, more comfortable workplace. People need creative outlets to get the juices flowing!

It may be hard to understand that these wacky ideas can actually improve your business, but it works. Consider switching things up at the workplace. You may be surprised what results you may get from your newly “fun” employees.