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About International Travel

International travel, since ancient times – in purpose, style and destination – has seldom been affected by stagnation. In fact, it is characterized by being in a continuous evolutionary state, enveloping an intricate ongoing skein of globalization, commerce, and here

The original international travelers of the past were basically merchants on missions, in search of profits for their royal patrons, and their travels were more akin to war and plunder than the sense of adventure associated with modern travel.

Usually, their travels were marked by accidents, resulting either in disaster, or in the discovery of new lands. They were essentially well-planned journeys that headed off into the utterly unknown. For example, Robert Falcon Scott’s polar expedition resulted in the entire party perishing.

Christopher Columbus of course thought he had journeyed to India, when he was actually on the other side of the globe.

Modern international travel can be traced to about 35 years back, with the advent of the first organized trips to the Himalayas in Nepalese territory, and thereafter the first commercialized African rafting trips.

World events have changed things so much since. While all through the ’80’s Nepal was the archetypal international travel destination; being caught up in Maoist uprising in recent years, it hardly features in any traveler’s itinerary these days. Bhutan, a mountain kingdom nearby, has been the main beneficiary, and is witnessing a surge in its tourism industry.

Likewise, Ethiopia, which was the location of the original rafting trips in the Blue Nile and Omo, is no longer favored as a travel destination, being embroiled in droughts, revolution and wars.

Each year brings forth new travel activities and destinations. In the ’70’s for instance, overland treks across Afghanistan, river runs in New Guinea and camel safaris in Algeria were favorites amongst travelers, which no longer are possible today.

In the ’80’s, the popular spots were the Egyptian Nile, for its felucca trips, eastern Turkey, for scaling Mount Ararat, plunging into the Red Sea, riding the waves of surf in Bali, all of which have been adversely affected by world events since.

The ’90’s witnessed the popularity of Alpine hikes, but that enthusiasm has been dampened today by the Euro rise against the dollar. Natural disasters too can affect international travel. For instance, the aftermath of the tsunami which hit Thailand, a popular destination until then, saw a dramatic fall in the tourism the following year or two.

With AIDS sweeping across Africa, its popular jungle safaris have been on a decline. The avian flu kept many travelers away from China and Southeast Asia. However, destinations that were rarely favored by international travelers in the past are becoming popular these days, like Mozambique, Libya, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to name just a few.

Nevertheless, throughout this period of time, some destinations have retained their attraction as travel destinations due to low prices, a wide range of adventurous activities, and political stability.Northern Queensland in Australia is an example, with its famous diving in the vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef, its river rafting in the rainforest, and excellent biking and hiking in the great weather that exists throughout the year.

Finding The Best Family Vacation in Mexico

When you are planning a fun trip for the whole family, you should not exclude the colorful country of Mexico as part of the list. A family vacation in Mexico can be a lot of fun and will have everything you could want for the whole family to enjoy. The Mexican people are friendly and interesting with a rich culture and history. You can include various site seeing excursions into your family vacation in Mexico like the Maya and Aztec ancient ruins. You can see and visit various temples and pyramids that are still standing and some of the oldest houses and areas in Mexico can be visited as well like the waterway in Mexico City with its floating gardens.

One Of The Best Family Vacation In Mexico

Probably the best place to have a family vacation in Mexico is along the Caribbean or Pacific coasts where you can take part in plenty of water sports and activities in the clear waters. You can scuba dive, fish, swim with dolphins, water ski, surf, and whale watch. There is always something to do in Mexico. If you are tired of swimming, then you can make your way to the many restaurant and cafes that are in Mexico. You family vacation in Mexico will not be complete without tasting some tradition spicy chilies and nachos. For the adults, a shot of tequila is a must. The various restaurants serve seafood, pizzas, pastas, and toasted sandwiches just for those that cannot handle the hot foods.

Next on the family vacation in Mexico [] to do list is to go shopping fro gifts for the rest of the family back home. You can find little tucked away shops where you can get cheap souvenirs and lovely handcrafted items.

You can also find clothing stores, jewelry stores, and some that sell original, strong Mexican coffee beans. When you plan the family vacation in Mexico, also be sure to find out which time of year is the rainy season. You will not want to be stranded in your hotel room because of poor weather. There are also hurricanes there on occasion, so be careful. Some of the towns are built up urban cities and others are still quaint villages with no modernization for miles. You must choose which area will be suitable for your needs. You might want peace quiet but the children will get bored, so choose somewhere that can be in between. Another option is to rent a vacation home so that it is totally quiet and private when you do want to relax by the pool and sip cocktails. These are fairly cheap and then the kids can go off to play tennis, swim, shop, or eat whenever they like as everything will be right outside your door. So don’t delay. Book your family vacation in Mexico to one of the best seaside towns like Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta. Cancun is also great for families, but not during Spring Break, when the student run wild. You are guaranteed to have fun.