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Boston Home Siding Replacement

Are you wondering why so many home owners are protecting the exterior of their homes with Hardiplank siding? In terms of value, durability, maintenance costs, and curb appeal, just how does Hardiplank stack up when compared to other home siding replacement options?

The ‘Other’ Boston Siding Replacement Choices

Settling on a siding material for your home is most certainly a tough decision. There is little doubt that when it comes to getting that classic and refined look, traditional clapboard wood siding is an appealing option. Unfortunately, this choice is not only cost prohibitive, it can also be impractical. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, strong winds, or volatile weather patterns, the maintenance costs of traditional wood siding can severely cut into your pocketbook.

Vinyl siding is certainly no better. If you enjoy the sophisticated and classic look that real wood offers your home’s exterior, you’ll certainly be disappointed by vinyl. Thin and flimsy in nature, even the best vinyl siding on the market eventually fades and wears after a few years.

The Hardiplank Difference

With the look and feel of real wood, Hardiplank works to add a sense of charm and elegance that homes with vinyl siding lack. Better yet, because it is designed to last for decades, is flame retardant and weather resistant, Hardiplank offers a type of durability that cannot be found with traditional wood siding.

The benefits of Hardiplank siding include:

-Durability in extreme temperature: Regardless of the climate – be it hot, cold, or wet – this exterior siding was designed to last

-Long lasting and virtually maintenance Free:Hardiplank is resistant to rotting, cracking, buckling and warping.

-Fade resistant colors: Available in an array of color choices, Hardiplank siding is resistant to fading or color changes. When specifically compared to vinyl, Hardiplank comes out on top, with advantages that include:

-Look and feel of real wood: Why would you settle for the plastic look of vinyl when Hardiplank siding looks just like the real thing?

-Thickness: Most vinyl siding only measures at a thickness of a few millimeters. On the other hand, while thicknesses can vary depending on the style, the average thickness for Hardiplank is somewhere around 5/16″ thick.

-Flame resistance: Vinyl siding is made up of all sorts of materials that burn. Hardiplank, however is composed of cement-like materials, which means that it is resistant to burning.

For the look of wood, but with a lot less maintenance costs, Hardiplank is proving to be a superior choice. It is the option that homeowners are turning to when they want a solution that will last for decades to come.