Bug Dog Inspection – More Info

Sniffer dogs are trained to use the sense of smell to find various substances, from animals, drugs, and mould to firearms and explosives, humans, plants, and even bed bugs. Dogs have been used for centuries for their heightened sense of smell, and their use in detecting bed bugs has become increasingly popular in recent years. Of course, a house dog with a strong sniffer can be trained as a detection dog, but you shouldn’t expect your beloved friend to find bugs for you without any training. Indeed, special training from a professional handler is required for dogs to detect bed bugs; but once trained, dogs are especially effective in flushing out these annoying and resilient creatures.

Bug detection dogs have become a popular choice for inspections due to their enhanced ability to find even the smallest infestation, even if it’s just one adult, nymph or egg. The sense of smell in dogs is significantly enhanced compared to humans, considering dogs smell in parts per trillion. The use of olfaction (i.e., sense of smell) to detect bugs is not only more accurate than visual inspections, but also results in a more targeted approach to pesticide applications, thus reducing overall pesticide usage and providing a safer environment to residents and/or staff. And they can be a more thorough tool as well, as dogs can detect bugs in every stage of their development including eggs, nymphs, and adults.Click here to find more about Bed Bug Beagle.

Unfortunately, dogs are a relatively new phenomenon and there may be fewer than 200 in operation in North America today. Without question, these numbers are growing, and in many larger communities, citizens are likely to find at least one pest control company that uses dogs for detecting bed bugs, along with other house pests as well.

The weight of the scientific community supports the use of dogs for treating a bug infestation, despite their expense. Many homeowners may be turned off from the cost of hiring pest control services utilizing dogs; but considering their effectiveness, the long term costs may be considerably smaller. Bed bugs easily spread through luggage, clothing, furniture, and upholstery and can be very difficult to kill. Detecting exactly which elements of your home, vehicles, and personal apparel are infested, can considerably reduce the total costs of bed bug management. In addition to the environmental benefits, dogs are often used because they can more accurately pinpoint areas of infestation.

Indeed, dogs can access areas essentially off limits to humans including wall crevices, furniture gaps, and other voids. As travel around the globe continues to blossom, bed bug infestations are only more likely to spread; as we can already see with growing populations in cities such as New York and Vancouver. Scent detection dogs provide an environmentally friendly service for detecting a bugs and highly effective at locating infestations, making them an excellent alternative or supplement to other pest control practices.