About Garage Door Springs Fort Worth

These springs extend or stretch to function hence the name extension springs. The other kind is the torsion spring that basically wound up on a rod that is above the garage door opening. They are usually mounted on a steel tube that runs along the width of a garage door. The torsion springs usually come in pairs. One of the pair is placed on one end of the center of the door and the other on the other end of the center of the door. These springs, especially the torsion springs can be dangerous and repairing them is no easy task. Some people have been injured trying to replace springs in their garage doors. The extension springs are not as risky but you need to put in place some safety measures.

It is advisable to learn how to replace your garage door springs in a safe manner so that you save on the cost of hiring a repair man. Garage door springs differ with different kinds of garage doors. Clopay garage doors differ from those by wayne-dalton garage doors. The similarity between these two kinds of garage doors is that they both offer the option of a torsion spring that utilizes electric drill to tighten it. This new concept from the two manufacturers is safe and secure. If you have these kinds of torsion springs then you can do your spring replacement without any worries.Visit this siteĀ Garage Door Springs Fort Worth.

Replacing garage doors especially the torsion springs can be a tricky affair. One has to be careful and put safety measures in place. The following are some steps that can assist you repair your springs such as clopay garage doors springs.

  1. The first step is to lock your garage door downward position. You can use a lock or locking pliers to help you keep the door down.
  2. Then set apart the garage door opener from the garage door using a safety rope. It is advisable to unplug it completely.
  3. For safety purposes ensure you have your safety glasses on and your ladder is stable enough. Torsion springs can be really dangerous when under extreme tension and especially when the garage door is in the down position.
  4. The next step is to unwind the springs. Mostly the torsion springs are in pairs so start by unwinding carefully the one that did not break. Be very careful when carrying out this process.
  5. To unwind the springs hold with a slight pressure on one winding bar on the spring and slowly unscrew the two sets of screws of the winding cone.
  6. Remove the old garage door torsion springs. Then replace it with the new one.