A Simple Homemade Mouse Trap

Sometimes you have mice in your garage which are difficult to get out. There are quite a few commercial products that can deal with mice problems very effectively. At times though you might only have seen a few mice and just want a simply way of getting rid of these few mice simply and quickly. There is one technique that can be used to get rid of some mice this week.You will need a large bucket or better yet a large plastic bin. It need to be something that is at least a foot deep so that the mice will have a very difficult time climbing out on the slick plastic walls of the container.Have a look at How to Catch a Mouse Without Killing It for more info on this.

Take this container and put something like peanut butter at the bottom of it. Mice tend to love the smell and will be more attracted to this than any other odor in your garage.Make a ramp for the mice so they can crawl up. A flat piece of wood will work best. Consider placing some seeds along this to get the mouse to continue to go up. At the top of the trap, place a tube from your paper towel roll. Put a small bit of peanut butter on the end of this. When the mouse climbs into the roll it will tip and make the pest fall into the container. At times this trap can work without the roll as well.Be sure to also remove some things in your garage that might be attracting the mice like your pet food. Consider putting this into a sealed container to help lower the chance of attracting more mice problems.